Day 10: Hadrian’s Wall

Today we drove south along the A1 to northern England (Newcastle) and then east along the A69 to the central part of the border country between England and Scotland to see Hadrian’s Wall. The Wall was built by the Romans as their northernmost border to keep out the “barbarian hordes” – the Scots. The wall was built in the 300 AD time period, and we visited the remains of two roman forts along the way. One included a very well preserved bath house (Chester), and the other the most complete roman fort remaining in the UK (Housesteads). A picture of each is below.IMG_1492 IMG_1501
Hadrian’s wall can be seen along the edge of the fort here: IMG_1511

Hadrian’s wall is about 73 miles across, from the west to east coasts of northern England. We drove back along the A68 through Northumberland National Park – rolling hills and forests. We got stuck in a traffic jam, and was surprised to realize it was due to a horse-drawn carriage using the highway – only in Scotland!?

It was close to 90 degrees today – breaking records in the area. More sunscreen needed. Tomorrow we are up before 5 am to take a puddle jumper plane to Dublin and the Irish part of our trip.


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